Fading Memories of an Old Soldier – Elvis Bray

My son is a west point grad of 07 and an Army Ranger. He flew Apaches in Afghanistan and was the commander of the Apache Assault Helicopters at Ft. Carson, CO. He told me he wanted his kids and grandkids to know me for how I was, and not just as an old man. He asked me to write my Vietnam stories in a book and publish it. So, my fifth published book and first memoir, Fading Memories of an Old Soldier is now available on Amazon. It is a collections of missions I, or my units, were involved in when I was with the Blackhawks in 68-69, and with my Dustoff unit in the Central Highlands in 69-70. Some of you are mentioned in the book. If you remember any of the missions I write about, and was part of those missions, please let me know so I can amend the book to give you the credit you deserve. Fading Memories of an Old Soldier – Paperback

Fading Memories of an Old Soldier: Vietnam 1968-1970 – Kindle edition